The best online fundraising platforms

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Best online fundraising platforms

The number of online fundraising platforms available for charities to use has grown significantly over the past few years. Below we round up the best fundraising websites (in no particular order) for charities and explain exactly what each of them offers and how much they charge.

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Virgin Money Giving

Virgin Money Giving is a non-profit platform that helps charities and voluntary organisations raise more money online. So far they have helped over 18,000 UK charities and over 1 million fundraisers raise more than £750 million online.

Virgin Money Giving offers:

  • Dedicated fundraising pages for charities
  • Corporate fundraising tools
  • Campaign pages for specific projects or appeals
  • Donate buttons for your website
  • Creation of dedicated event pages and collection of entry fees
  • Reporting and data management tools

Virgin Money Giving charges a one-off membership fee of £150 plus VAT, and then a ‘platform’ fee of 2% of each donation and a payment processing fee of 2.5% of each donation. This means for every £20 you receive in donations, Virgin Money Giving will take £0.90p in fees.

However, since last year the platform now allows donors to cover 100% of the fees and Virgin Money Giving claims that around 80% of donors take up this option.

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Just Giving

One of the best known online fundraising platforms, JustGiving boasts almost 26,000 registered charities and 22 million users worldwide.

The platform aims to help charities raise more in donations and reach more people, offering:

  • Fundraising pages
  • Campaign pages
  • Donate buttons and widgets
  • Data insights and reporting

JustGiving is a for-profit platform and, although it doesn’t charge a ‘platform’ fee, it charges a 5% fee for processing GiftAid transactions and a payment processing fee of 1.9% + £0.20.

In terms of membership fees, JustGiving has three different packages for charities depending on how many of the tools they wish to use. The ‘Starter’ plan is free, while the two ‘Grow’ plan options will cost either £15 plus VAT per month or £39 plus VAT per month.

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Go Fund Me

GoFundMe is a crowdfunding platform that allows individuals, organisations and charities to set up fundraising campaigns and collect donations.

There are no sign-up or subscription fees for charities who register with Go Fund Me, however, the platform does charge a processing fee of 2.9% plus 25p per donation. Donors can also choose to pay voluntary “tips” to the company on top of their donations.

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Givey positions itself as the champion of ‘smaller charities’, saying: “90% of donations go to large charities, just 6.6% of the market. Our mission is to change this!”

Charities receive 100% of the donations made through Givey, with the platform charging donors 5% to cover payment provider costs and to fund the service – so a £10 donation would cost the donor £10.50.

It does not claim Gift Aid, but collects data that charities can send to HM Revenue & Customs to claim it themselves.

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Charity Choice

Charity Choice is an online directory of UK charities which allows them to set up their own personalised microsites and donation facilities – while fundraisers can also create their own page to receive donations.

There are no registration or admin fees, Charity Choice just charges a 25p card transaction fee which comes out of the total donation amount to the charity. However, donors are given the option of paying this fee on top of their donation so that the charity receives 100% of the donation.

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Golden Giving

Golden Giving is a not-for-profit charity giving platform that empowers charities and their supporters to make a positive impact in society and local communities.

Charities and social enterprises that use Golden Giving are charged for online payments only, with other tools provided for free. For debit card donations there is a platform fee of 1.75% and 0.35%+0.07p card processing fee. This works out to a total of 2.11%+0.07p – so 70p for a typical donation of £30 and 28p for a donation of £10.

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KindLink is an all-in-one platform that allows charities and businesses to connect and manage their corporate responsibility activities, fundraising campaigns, volunteering and donors, as well as measure and share their sustainability impact.

KindLink doesn’t charge commission on the online donations it processes. It has a partnership with Paysafe, which enables it to charge just the 1.3% flat fee for UK and EU debit and credit cards.

In their words: “KindLink is the network with purpose, the community where you build connections with colleagues and friends so you can clearly see the good you do in the world.”

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Global Giving

Global Giving is a non-profit organisation that connects non-profits, donors and companies in nearly every country in the world.

With Global Giving you can build standard fundraising pages as well as connect your charity projects with corporate fundraising opportunities and CSR initiatives.

Since its inception in 2002, Global Giving has helped to raise over $500m across almost 30,000 charitable projects around the world. The platform is free to join, with no application or subscription fees required. Instead, they retain a 5-12% non-profit support fee on donations, plus a 3% processing and transaction fee. This means that a donation of £10 (with Gift Aid) would raise £11.25 for charity.

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The Good Exchange

The Good Exchange is a platform that connects funders and donors with fundraisers, bringing projects that require funding to those with donations and grants to give using transparent automated matching.

In their words, The Good Exchange brings “multiple grants, donations and fundraising activities together”, while each project can also receive public donations.

To use The Good Exchange, charities need to fill out a simple online form outlining details of the project. Once submitted and approved, the campaign is published on the platform and the giving begins. Live projects will be shortlisted for funding and automatically matched with organisations based on their specific grant-giving criteria.

So far, almost 2,000 charities have registered with The Good Exchange and over £16m has been raised on the platform.

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Localgiving supports local charities and community groups, who can receive one-time and monthly donations via the platform as well as running crowdfunding campaigns and fundraise for an unlimited number of projects.

For a yearly membership fee of £80+VAT, member organisations can access small grants, regular match fund campaigns, fundraising competitions as well as free training opportunities and fundraising support from a team of experts.

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CAF Donate

CAF Donate is an online donation platform for charities, built by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF). Using CAF Donate, charities and community groups can create online donation forms and buttons and easily add them to their website, emails and Facebook pages.

More than 6,500 charities use CAF Donate to raise funds online and process their donations.

CAF Donate offers a slightly-different fee structure to other platforms, with no monthly charges. Instead, they charge a staggered donation fee depending on the type of donation. For one-off donations, they levy a 3.6% processing fee. For regular donations, the processing fee is 2% (plus a £1 set-up fee for every new direct debit that is set-up).

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Enthuse is a slightly different proposition as it allows charities and organisations to run their own fundraising platform on their website, and set up branded fundraising pages with their own custom branding.

This allows charities to have a more direct relationship with their supporters, which Enthuse says significantly increases the donations charities receive.

Enthuse offers a range of ‘solutions’ that charities can choose, including support for taking donations, running virtual events and corporate fundraising via its various paid-for packages.

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Total Giving

Total Giving says it is “the UK’s fastest growing online fundraising platform” with more than 13,000 UK charities registered.

The platform is completely free to use for charities that are signed up as it claims no sign-up or ongoing fees – all funds donated through Total Giving are sent directly to the charity itself.

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Note: All information above was correct at time of publication (December 2020).

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