Public Liability Insurance For Your Charity

All charities, voluntary organisations and community groups should consider Public Liability (PL) insurance to protect against any accidental damage or injury claims made against them.

Why do charities need Public Liability insurance?

Like any other organisation, charities and voluntary groups are subject to compensation claims if they cause any property damage or personal injury. This could be injury to a member of the public, or damage to property as a result of an event or work undertaken by your organisation.

Our Public Liability insurance for charities protects you against these risks, giving you the confidence to carry on making a real difference in your area.

To learn more about how BHIB Charities Insurance can help protect your charity, get a free no obligation quote today.

Due to the varied work that charities, voluntary organisations and community groups do, it’s important to have cover to protect against the unexpected.

If your charity or organisation deals with members of the public, then Public Liability insurance should be a serious consideration.

Note: A public liability policy does not provide cover for your employees if they are injured at work. For that you must have Employers’ Liability insurance.

How we protect your charity

When you are running any type of not for profit organisation it is important to have the correct type of cover in place.

BHIB Charities Insurance policies can include:

Additional cover includes:


The level of cover your organisation requires depends on the level of risk you are exposed to. Assessing the scale of the work you do, in terms of the numbers of third parties involved and the potential value of third party property you may be responsible for, is very difficult, and may vary from activity to activity. In the UK, other than in regards to motor accidents, individual claims for death or injury caused by negligence rarely exceed £10m but can easily exceed £2m.

We offer Public Liability cover up to £5 million and £10 million as standard, with the option to buy additional layers if you need them.

How much you pay for public liability will depend on several factors such as the size of your organisation, the limit of indemnity you require, your claims history and the nature of the activities you undertake.

To find out more, get a free, no obligation quote today.

No, this is not a legal requirement. However, you may be required, by others, to hold Public Liability insurance in order to hire premises or equipment, or attend events, for example.

Public Liability Insurance provides protection against legal liability for bodily injury to third parties, or damage to third party property. Professional Indemnity Insurance provides protection in regards to errors and omissions made in a professional or advisory capacity.

My organisation has an ...

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