Professional Indemnity Insurance For Your Charity

Protect your charity, voluntary organisation or community group against claims made against you for negligence, defamation, breaches of confidentiality and more.

Why might a charity need professional indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance can cover legal claims made against your charity or organisation by a claimant who alleges they have suffered a loss due to your actions. This could be from bad advice or counselling given by your organisation, or an act of professional negligence.

Having a professional indemnity (PI) policy in place will cover your organisation for any legal costs associated with a claim, as well as compensation pay outs.

Charities and organisations that provide advice and counselling services and handle intellectual property tend to be those that require professional indemnity cover. 

While professional indemnity insurance is required by law for some professions, such as financial advisors and lawyers, there is no legal requirement for charities or voluntary organisations to have a policy. However, if your organisation regularly provides advice and support then PI insurance might be appropriate to cover risks such as:

  • Negligent or ‘bad’ advice – A lot of charities offer counselling, consultancy and general advice to their clients which, if proved to be negligent, could result in a civil action being brought against the charity.
  • Defamation – If your organisation says something that is not true, then a claimant may bring a claim for reputational damage. An example of this could be misattributing a quote in a press release, or falsely representing someone in an online article or social media post.
  • Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights – Using trademarked and unlicensed media, such as images on your website, could lead to costly claims from the property owner that would be the responsibility of the charity to settle without professional indemnity insurance.

How we protect your charity

When you are running any type of not for profit organisation it is important to have the correct type of cover in place.

BHIB Charities Insurance policies can include:

Additional cover includes:


The right level of cover for your charity will depend on the size of the organisation and the type of work you do.

Professional indemnity limits can start at £50,000, and go all the way up to £10 million for larger organisations.

Other organisations and companies you work with may require you to have a certain level of professional indemnity cover, so it is important to check any contracts you have before making a decision.

If you need any help or further information, you can contact our expert team on 0330 013 0036 or request a callback now.

This is the date from when you have had professional indemnity insurance cover without interruption (even if you changed your insurance provider during this time), or a date in the past from which your insurer has agreed to extend cover.

This is an important factor for professional indemnity policies, as claims can arise from something that happened years ago – so if a claim arises from events prior to your retroactive date then it will not be covered by your policy.

My organisation has an ...

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